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Cat Breeds Breed Country of Origin Coat Length Color and Pattern Disposition Size
Cities Name Population (thousands) Date Founded Currently in existence? Date Founded (if B.C.) Location Founded By
Countries Name Continent Area (1000 square km) Population (million) Current President Capital City Largest City
Doggos Name Origin Date declared Avg Male Height (cm)
Eateries Name Location First Opened Owner(s) Head Chef Type of food Average cost (US$ per person)
Ethnic Groups Name Primary Language Primary Homeland Population (hundred thousand)
Flyers Name Callsign Main Hub Date founded Founded as Founder Prev years' Revenue (US$bn) Prev years' Profit (US$bn) Market Cap (US$bn) Number of Employees CEO Headquarters No. passengers carried '16 (million)
Globes Name Solar System Average Distance from Sun (Million km) Average Distance from Earth (Million km) Diameter (Thousand km) Number of moons Composition Mass (10^24kg) Solar Orbit (earth days) Daytime temp range (K) Night temp range (K)
Humans Last Name Date of birth Net worth (USD) First Name
Microchip Manufacturers Manufacturer Country of Origin Date Founded
Money companies Name Founding Date Founding Location Value (US$ million)
Motorcycle Brands Name Founded (Date) Founded (Location) Founder(s)
Movies Name RT TomatoMeter(%) RT Audience Score(%) Release Date Director Rotten Tomatoes Disparity IMDB User Ratings (%) Running Time (min)
Planet Species Species Name Common English Name Plant Type Native Locations Uses Family Subfamily
Private Space Companies Name Founder(s) Date Founded Founding City Founding Country Brief Description of Offering Company Website
Railroad Companies Current Name Original Name Founding Date Founder Main Sector Market Cap ($US bn)
Rich boys Name Date of Birth Country of Birth Net Worth ($US bn)
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Rivers Name Length (km) Average Discharge (cubic m/s) River Source Outflow Drainage Area (sq km)
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Slim rhinos Name Founder(s) Founding Date Headquartered Valuation ($US million)
SpaceseX Lunches Lunch Site Customer Description of mission and payload Vehicle Reusability Lunch Number Successful? Hell yeah! Lunch Date
Spy Networks Name Founder(s) Founding Location Date Founded In Operation Monthly active users (million)
Tall things Name Architect Location Cost (US$ million) Completion Date Height (m) Architectural Height (m)
Unethical Journalists Article Title Article Author Article Publication Publication Date Link to Article Person(s) or Company(s) slandered Category 1 Description of Slander
Very big puddles Country(s) Max Length (km) Name Surface Area (square km) Volume (cubic km) Max Depth (m)
Whale Species Common Name Parvorder Avg male length (m) Avg female length (m) Avg male mass (kg) Avg female mass (kg) Appearance Decription
Y Combinator Companies Name Year Founder(s) Still in Operation? Market Cap ($US m) url Class Description


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